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Amcat Most Frequestly Asked Questions - Aptitude

Amcat Aptitude Questions.

amcat sample testAptitude questions asked in amcat are mainly from few of selected topics. In every exam amcat includes some of the most common topic of quantitative aptitude. This year amcat made a little change in its pattern and it involved topics like Train and HCF. Before 2017 amcat hardly asked any of HCF question in assessment test but now in most of the test all east one question from Train and HCF-LCM is being asked. Based on previous year amcat test we have made ten questions set with most repeated questions.
NOTE: Each question listed in these sample papers has been asked more than once or twice. So prepare these question well.
Best of Luck! After attending test please do comment any of question you remember from the test.
This will surly help others.
One thing I can promises is after practicing each sample papers you will easily score 90 percentile in amcat test. For better result go for other topics also. Some other topic you should practice
  • Arrangement
  • Boat and Stream
  • Prime factor

Amcat Aptitude Papers
Paper SET 125 Questions
Paper SET 225 Questions
Paper SET 325 Questions
Paper SET 425 Questions
Paper SET 525 Questions
Paper SET 625 Questions
Paper SET 725 Questions
Paper SET 825 Questions
Paper SET 925 Questions
Paper SET 1025 Questions

Some of the Frequently asked Questions about amcat exam.

How much score required to get 90+ percentile in amcat?
Amcat calculate percentile for each section individually. Below is the percentile vs marks.
Aptitude :  40-50 marks ~ 90+ percentile.
Reasoning:  60-70 marks ~ 90+ percentile.
English:  70-80 marks ~ 90+ percentile.
Programming:  50-60 marks ~ 90+ percentile.
Computer Science:   70-80 marks ~ 90+ percentile.

Percentile and marks ratio is going higher year by year.

How many sections are in amcat test?
There are four mandatory sections for every students. And one Optional sections corresponding to their streams. Students can choose  optional section based on their on interest. Computer science, Networking etc are listed in optional modules. But one should choose optional section as per industry requirements i.e. computer science.
  1. Quantitative Aptitude 
  2. Logical reasoning
  3. English
  4. Computer Programming.
  5. Computer Science (Optional)
  6. Many more optional rounds.. 
What is syllabus for amcat?
There is no official syllabus defined by amcat, but based on there previous year questions and sample papers provided by amcat (official amcat papers  ) itself this is very clear that it asked questions from selective topics only.

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